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Bring body & mind in harmony

Wellness vacation
to relax

During your wellness vacation, an exclusive, relaxing atmosphere awaits you to relax and unwind in our hotels in Bad Gastein.

Spa & Wellness im Hotel Salzburger Hof
Look forward to at the Hotel Salzburger Hof

In our spacious Pool & Thermal World with magnificent panoramic views await you:

Indoor pool with lounging area for relaxation, 2 Finnish saunas (ladies and men), a whirlpool, 2 experience showers (ladies and men) and sun terraces.

Sauna & Fitness World

Saunabereich im Hotel Salzburger Hof
Saunabereich im Hotel Salzburger Hof

In our Sauna & Fitness World you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Facilities: steam bath, brine grote, 2 finnish saunas (ladies and men), relaxation room with comfortable sun beds, fitness room, whirlpool, solarium (for a fee).

Fitness World im Hotel Salzburger Hof

Real beauty comes from within - sometimes you just have to discover it and bring it to light. In our Massage World, soothing massages and beauty treatments tailored to you will make your true self shine.

Massage im Hotel Salzburger Hof
Entspannen im Hotel Salzburger Hof

Classic massage 40 min

Our modern working life is characterized by one-sided, unnatural strain on the musculoskeletal system. Here massage helps effectively without harmful side effects. In a natural, direct and relaxing way it improves physical condition and gives new strength for the stressful everyday life

Classic massage 55 min


Sport active massage 40 min

The Sport-Active massage is specially designed for athletes. Special techniques are used in this type of massage. These release the indivdual tensions of the specific muscle groups of the athlete. The Sport-Active massage is also excellent for "muscle soreness prevention".

Sport active massage 55 min


Connective tissue massage 40 min

This application tightens the tissues and has a reflex effect on the internal organs through precisely dosed stimuli. Tight and well perfused connective tissue is not only a cosmetic factor, but also an indicator of general health. The connective tissue massage works mainly with stretching and pulling grips. The result is increased blood circulation, which enables the elimination of waste products via the liver, intestines and kidneys. This purification is associated with improved metabolic performance and leads to an overall increase in performance.

Connective tissue massage 55 min


Lymphatic drainage 30 min

A special drainage technique is used to increase lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage is performed for edema, bruising, water retention in the tissues, and for post-injury and post-surgery care.

Foot reflexology massage 40 min

From the reflex zones, through pressure, stimulating and calming impulses are transmitted via nerves and energy pathways to the associated organs, joints, etc.. Like a map, the feet reveal to the therapist any weak points in the organism! With special grips, blockages can be removed, tensions relieved and the entire organism energized.

Aroma oil massage 40 min

Aroma oil massage is a special variant of the full body massage. Here, special essential aromatic oils are massaged into the body. Since these are also absorbed through the nose, the relaxation factor is increased many times over.

Aroma oil massage 55 min


Massage Mix 55 min

Combination of full body massage and foot reflexology: in a natural, direct and relaxing way, the massage improves the physical condition. Through this combination massage (body and feet) the body regains its strength and energy.

Cranio Sacral Balancing 55 min

A particularly pleasant and relaxing, but at the same time extremely effective form of massage. With gentle touch, blockages in the body from the skull to the sacrum are released, activating the body's self-healing and stimulating the immune system.

Radon thermal bath 20 min

Administered in the Roman step tub. The most effective component of the thermal water is the noble gas radon, it has a particularly vitalizing effect on the cells in the human body.

Janus HotelbetriebsgmbH. ∙ Grillparzerstraße 1 ∙ 5640 Bad Gastein ∙ Austria
Tel. +43 6434 / 20 37-0 ∙ Fax +43 6434 / 38 67 ∙

Janus HotelbetriebsgmbH. ∙ Grillparzerstraße 1 ∙ 5640 Bad Gastein ∙ Austria
Tel. +43 6434 / 20 37-0 ∙ Fax +43 6434 / 38 67 ∙