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Massage World

Natural beauty comes from within - sometimes one only has to discover it and bring it to light. In our Massage World your true self will radiate from soothing massages and beauty treatments which have been especially selected for you personally at the Wellness Hotel in Bad Gastein.

Winter 2020/21

Treatment Duration Price
Radon Thermal Bath
Takes place in the Roman bath. The most effective component of the thermal water is the rare gas Radon, which has a particularly vitalising effect on the cells in the human body.
20 min € 23.-
Alpine Hay Flower Bath
Fresh scented alpine hay flowers are heated in the steam and applied to the back, neck and chest in the soft pack bed. Especially effective for respiratory and debilitating illnesses.
25 min € 39.-
Cleopatra bath
Takes place in the soft pack bed. A combination of 5 different oils is mixed with a litre of milk. This makes sure that the skin is completely cared for, not just in certain areas. Relaxing and calming effects.
25 min € 42.-
Orange Petal Bath
In the fragrance of freshly picked orange petals, this treatment involving gentle warming of the body in the soft pack bed has particularly rejuvenating and muscle-relaxing effects after a long day skiing or hiking.
25 min € 42.-
Evening Primrose Cream Bath
Is a special treatment particularly for prematurely aging skin and eczema. The effect lies in the intense moisturising of the skin while the epidermis is intensively cared for simultaneously. This treatment is carried out in the soft pack bed with a mild warming of the body and is very beneficial for the body and relaxing.
25 min € 45.-
Rose Petal Bath
In the fragrance of freshly picked rose petals, this treatment involving gentle warming of the body in the soft pack bed has particularly rejuvenating and muscle-relaxing effects after a long day skiing or hiking.
25 min € 39.-
Full Body Massage
Our modern working life is marked by lopsided, unnatural demands on the body. The massage effectively helps in this respect, without damaging side effects, in natural, direct and relaxing ways to increase the physical condition of the body and provide more strength for the stresses of day-to-day life.
40 min
50 min
€ 51.-
€ 62.-
Part Body Massage 20 min € 36.-
Connective Tissues Massage
This treatment brings about a strengthening of the tissue and has an effect on the precisely dosed reflexive impulses on the internal organs. Taught connective tissue that is well supplied with blood does not just have a cosmetic effect, but is also an indicator of general health. The connective tissue massage works mainly with stretching and squeezing. The result is stronger circulation through the expulsion of toxic substances which is made possible via the liver, gut and kidneys. This expulsion is connected with an improved metabolic system and leads to general improvement in the body.
25 min € 45.-
Lymph Drainage
Lymph drainage is increased through a special technique to drain water. Lymph drainages are carried out to help against allergic oedema, bruises, fluid retention in the tissue and injuries such as operation after care.
30 min € 46.-
Reflex Zone Massage
Through applying pressure, exhilarating and calming impulses are carried via the nerves and energy channels to the associated organs, joints etc.
Feet are like a map and show the therapist the possible weak points in the body!
Blockages can be remedied with special strokes, tension can be eased and the whole body can be energised.
20 min € 36.-
Fango Pack
Through the targeted warming of the body, these are very effective for tension, arthritis and rheumatism pains. They have a purifying and medicative effect in case of chronic inflammation of muscles, nerves and the joints of the skeletal system.
2 packs
4 packs
6 packs
€ 30.-
€ 36.-
€ 38.-
Energy Treatment
Part-Shiatsu, anti-stress treatment that mainly works on the neck, head and face and is carried out using special aromatic oils.
25 min € 41.-
The Japanese pressure massage is based on Chinese acupressure. The word SHI means finger, and ATSU means pressure. Around 100 pressure points will be activated. Different to acupressure however, not only single points on the epidermis are activated, but the whole Meridians will be stimulated through strong presses, squeezes or knocks of the hand or knuckles. Through this, the energy currents should flow in a properly balanced way again.
Comfortable clothing is recommended.
50 min € 75.-
Dorn Method
Being a very gentle treatment, the Dorn therapy principal is aimed at everyone, old and young, healthy and ill. In a gentle but also purposeful way, the therapist will edge the bones and joints into their "right place".
25 min € 53.-
Breuss Massage
This is an energizing massage of the back along the spine using the special properties of St. John‘s Wort Oil. We use a layer of paper to massage the oil into the back. There is an extension of the spine allowing for more space between the intervertebral discs, which will help with regeneration. In addition, the St. John‘s Wort Oil works by soothing the nerves. This massage is performed slowly and gently with relatively little pressure and leads to deep and immediate relaxation. The Breuss Massage can be used in addition to the Dorn Method.
20 min € 40.-
Chinese medical massage: Tui = push Na = grasp
General uses: Acute chronic back pain, neck and head ache, energy blockages, physical and emotional unbalance, correction of bad posture and for joints, lessening problems with bonded joints at muscles and knee problems, influences the organ functions according to Chinese diagnosis.
50 min € 75.-
Aroma-Energy Massage
A treatment method stems from the traditional Chinese medicine. The method works on the principle that life energies flow through the body on special channels (meridians). Stress, overloading or illness can block these flows at certain pressure points. The energy is released again through working on these pressure points.
40 min € 58.-
Royal-Stone-Massage (available only in winter)
This holistic healing massage was first used by the Arazon natives. Essential oils were applied to the entire body and then hot lava stones were placed along its energy centers (chakras), transfering the warmth of the stones to the body and deeply relaxing muscles. Cold and hot stones are applied alternately to stimulate metabolism, release tension, detoxify and purify the body. The frequent change in temperature stimulates the blood circulation and provides you with a fresh new burst of energy and vitality.
50 min € 69.-
Sound bowl massage
The sound bowl massage generates fine sound vibrations. These soothing vibrations are transmitted to the body and resonate in concentric circles.
The human body is composed primarily of water. This liquid is set into motion by the vibrations of the sound bowls. Each and every body cell is addressed. Comfortable clothing is recommended.
50 min € 68.-
With the cupping massage cellulite treatment, the skin will first have special oils rubbed in and then by means of cupping glasses, a vacuum will be created and a massage with it.
This is relaxing, purifying, has tissue tightening effects and increases metabolism.
30 min € 39.-
Children's Massage (6-12 years)
In this day and age children have a lot of stress and a busy schedule – with kindergarten, music school, sports club, etc. The children's massage is a solid and practical support in today's often difficult phase of growing up. It helps the child to feel their body, is healthy and has a balance between activity and relaxation. This massage will help them to calm down. To be massaged is nice for all of us, especially for children!
20 min € 31.-
Bad Gasteiner Radon Thermal Steam Bath
A special feature in Bad Gastein is the small radon thermal steam bath located in the town center. The successful radon therapy has been operating here since 1825.
Steam from the thermal water is led into the steam baths through a system of shafts located directly above the Elisabeth spring. Without straining the heart or respiratory system, this 20-minute radon treatment can be adjusted individually for those spa guests, for whom this type of thermal therapy in healing galleries would otherwise not be suitable. While you are seated in a spring chamber, the radon is absorbed through the skin in a way that is particularly gentle on the circulation.

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Sat 8.00 am until 11.00 am

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