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Massage World

Natural beauty comes from within - sometimes one only has to discover it and bring it to light. In our Massage World your true self will radiate from soothing massages and beauty treatments which have been especially selected for you personally at the Wellness Hotel in Bad Gastein.

Treatment Duration Price
Classic Massage
Our modern working life is marked by lopsided, unnatural demands on the body. The massage effectively helps in this respect, without damaging side effects, in natural, direct and relaxing ways to increase the physical condition of the body and provide more strength for the stresses of day-to-day life.
40 min
50 min
€ 61.-
€ 72.-
Sport Active Massag
The Sport Active Massage is specially designed for athletes. Special techniques are used in this type of massage. These release the individual tensions of the specific muscle groups of the athlete. The Sport Active Massage is also excellent for "muscle ache prevention".
40 min
55 min
€ 61.-
€ 72.-
Connective Tissues Massage
This treatment brings about a strengthening of the tissue and has an effect on the precisely dosed reflexive impulses on the internal organs. Taught connective tissue that is well supplied with blood does not just have a cosmetic effect, but is also an indicator of general health. The connective tissue massage works mainly with stretching and squeezing. The result is stronger circulation through the expulsion of toxic substances which is made possible via the liver, gut and kidneys. This expulsion is connected with an improved metabolic system and leads to general improvement in the body.
40 min
55 min
€ 61.-
€ 72.-
Lymph Drainage
Lymph drainage is increased through a special technique to drain water. Lymph drainages are carried out to help against allergic oedema, bruises, fluid retention in the tissue and injuries such as operation after care.
30 min € 45.-
Foot Reflex Zone Massage
Through applying pressure, exhilarating and calming impulses are carried via the nerves and energy channels to the associated organs, joints etc.
Feet are like a map and show the therapist the possible weak points in the body!
Blockages can be remedied with special strokes, tension can be eased and the whole body can be energised.
40 min € 61.-
Aroma oil massage
The aroma oil massage is a special variant of the full body massage. Special essential aromatic oils are massaged into the body. As these are also absorbed through the nose, the relaxation factor is increased many times over.
40 min
55 min
€ 64.-
€ 75.-
Massage mix - Combination of full body massage and foot reflexology.
In a natural, direct and relaxing way, the massage improves the physical condition. Through this combination massage (body and feet), the body regains its strengthand energy.
55 min € 81.-
Cranio Sacral Balancinb
A particularly soothing and relaxing, but at the same time extremely effective form of massage. With gentle touches, blockages in the body from the skull to the sacrum are released and the self-healing of the body and the stimulation of the immune system is activated.
55 min € 81.-
Radon Thermal Bath
Takes place in the Roman bath. The most effective component of the thermal water is the rare gas Radon, which has a particularly vitalising effect on the cells in the human body.
20 min € 24.-

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