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The Gastein healing caves

Live life naturally, without pain

Over 50 years ago, the people of Gastein, like many times before, started to mine for gold ore. At 1280m, a new tunnel into the mountain was built just for this purpose.

Although the search for gold was unsuccessful for the miners this disappointment brought at the same time a great achievement for health care.

Geologists established that there was an increase in the rising air and rock temperatures (up to 44ºc) under a relative level of humidity from a certain tunnel depth. After intensive research, the medical department at Innsbruck University confirmed the healing qualities of the Gastein tunnels. The tunnel train will take you 2.5 km into the mountain where the warmth and the high humidity causes a temperature increase in the body up to 38ºC. The absorption of radons into the body is increased and through this, the cells metabolism is stimulated. Individual adjustment to the related medical problem and heat tolerance.

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